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Happy Freakin Easter

Well, easter is upon us and here in Norway that means snow, cross country skiing, hot dogs, lapskaus (Norwegian dish kinda like a beef stew) and social gatherings where they talk about snow, cross country skiing, hot dogs, lapskaus and the after ski party this evening.

I however, don’t ski, don’t eat hot dogs, I don’t like lapskaus and I do NOT like social gatherings.
My husband is a skiier and a total social animal so this is heaven for him.

Me on the other hand is like a fish out of water.
I’m terribly shy so striking up a conversation with a total stranger is like a snowballs chance in hell.
But if I, against all odds, start talking to someone I can’t hold the conversation going for I can’t talk about skiing, hot dogs, lapskaus and the after ski party, because I don’t like people!
And besides my mom taught me not to talk to strangers.
(I’m almost 30 years old and after getting social anxiety I use that one more than ever)

Freaking norwegians.
Don’t get me wrong I am a norwegian, born and raised. I’m just a terrible norwegian… apparently.
It is said that Norwegians are born with skiis on their feet…
Well I was born holding the remote and a glass of cola with a bowl of candy on my lap. Alone!

So my easter celebration is sitting in a corner sipping cola and pray to God, that no one will be stupid enough to actually come talk to me, because that will be uncomfortable and awkward for everyone involved.

So Happy Freaking Easter!

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