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100 Whimsical English Words

Just had to post these. Really funny! I am so gonna start using some of them.

balderdash: nonsense

ballyhoo: commotion, hype

bindle stiff: hobo

bodacious: remarkable, voluptuous

borborygmus: sound of intestinal gas
cahoots (in the expression “in cahoots with”): scheming

callipygian: possessing a shapely derriere

cantankerous: irritating, difficult

carbuncle: pustule

caterwaul: to wail or protest noisily

cattywampus: in disarray

cockamamie (also cockamamie): ridiculous

comeuppance: just deserts

concupiscent: possessed of erotic desire

copacetic (also copasetic, copesetic): satisfactory

curmudgeon: ill-tempered (and often old) person

debauchery: sensual gratification

doohickey: gadget or attachment

effluvium: unpleasant smell

factotum: all-around servant or attendant

farrago: confused mixture

festoon: to decorate; dangling decorative chains

finagle: to trick

fisticuffs: fighting with fists

flabbergasted: dumbfounded

flagitious: villainous

flibbertigibbet: flighty person

flummoxed: confused

foible: fault

folderol: nonsense

foofaraw: flash, frills

fusty: moldy, musty, old-fashioned

gallimaufry: mixture, jumble

gallivant: to jaunt or carouse

gobbledygook: nonsense, indecipherable writing

haberdasher: men’s clothier; provider of sundries

harridan: shrewish woman

higgledy-piggledy: in a disorganized or confused manner

high jinks (also hijinks): boisterous antics

hodgepodge: mixture, jumble

hokum: nonsense

hoodwink: to deceive

hoosegow: jail

hornswoggle: to dupe or hoax

hortatory: advisory

hullabaloo: uproar

ignoramus: dunce

imbroglio: confused predicament

jackanapes: impudent or mischievous person

jiggery-pokery: deceit

kerfuffle: disturbance

lackadaisical: bereft of energy or enthusiasm
loggerheads (in the expression “at loggerheads”): quarrelsome

lollygag: to meander, delay

loquacious: talkative

louche: disreputable

lugubrious: mournful, dismal

malarkey (also malarky): nonsense

maleficence: evil

mendacious: deceptive

oaf: clumsy or stupid person

obfuscate: confuse, obscure

obloquy: condemning or abusive language, or the state of being subject to such

obsequious: flattering

orotund: sonorous, or pompous

osculate: to kiss

paroxysm: convulsion or outburst

peccadillo: minor offense

periwinkle: light purplish blue; creeping plant; aquatic snail

perspicacious: astute

pettifogger: quibbler; disreputable lawyer

poltroon: cowardly, coward

prognosticate: to predict

pusillanimous: cowardly

raffish: vulgar

ragamuffin: dirty, disheveled person

rambunctious: unruly

resplendent: brilliantly glowing

ribaldry: crude or coarse behavior

rigmarole (also rigamarole): confused talk; complicated procedure

ruckus: disturbance

scalawag: scamp

scofflaw: lawbreaker

shenanigans: tricks or mischief

skedaddle: flee

skulduggery: devious behavior

spiffy: stylish

squelch: to suppress or silence; act of silencing; sucking sound

subterfuge: deception, or deceptive ploy

supercilious: haughty

swashbuckler: cocky adventurer; story about the same

sylph: lithe woman

tatterdemalion: raggedly dressed person; looking disreputable or decayed

termagant: shrewish woman

whirligig: whirling toy; merry-go-round; dizzying course of events

widdershins (also withershins): counterclockwise, contrary

willy-nilly: by force, haphazardly

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