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25 Bad Ass Ways to Say NO!

1. I would love to, but unfortunatley… no.

2. I believe there´s someone a lot stupider who would enjoy doing that instead.

3. Alas, such a task is no match for my incompetency.

4. It´s not that I´m too good for it… but it´s much too bad for me.

5. I have a strict “no deals with the devil” policy.

6. The idea is not compatible with myself.

7. I shall not

8. Why, heavens, no.

9. I can´t anymore, I had my stupid amputated last week.

10. I think I will go find a lake of piranhas to jump in instead.

11. Has Hell frozen over? Then, sure.

12. My schedule is packed with better things.

13. Frankly, my dear, no.

14. Let´s not. And stick with that story.

15. There are worse things I could agree to, I just can´t think of any at the moment.

16. On a scale of maybe to absolutely; Absolutely not.

17. I think not.

18. I will sit this one out.

19. I find the idea undesirable.

20. Offer DECLINED.

21. Problematically, I cannot. I hear my Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandmother calling me to dinner, and I must depart immediatley.

22. My advisors have come to a unanumous decision of “NO” on that.

23. There are many cool things to do. Your idea does not fall into such a category.

24. Unless you are George Clooney and have just asked me to marry you, the anwer is no.

25. I would… but I´m batman and have no time for dilly dallying…

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